Online Health Informatics Course for Healthcare Professionals

The Health Informatics profession has been one of the healthcare sub-specialties to boom in the recent years and is one of the fastest growing fields of expertise in the technologically-bred industry today.

The healthcare industry has been continuously upgrading in terms of using technology in healthcare delivery management systems- from admission, handling of patient records, referrals and services. Usually, professionals are hired to manage these technologies but it takes practice-based learning to address the huge gap between the concept of healthcare delivery and technology. Thus, Health Informatics professionals are hugely relevant in this pressing challenge.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of medical and health service managers is projected to grow by 23 % from year 2012 to 2022, much faster than average for other occupations. Considering that healthcare facilities have adapted to technology-based services, platforms and operations, it is an edge for healthcare professionals to be certified with continuing education in health informatics.

Investing in continuing education for health informatics provides the foundation of knowledge in this area of specialty among healthcare providers including nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and other professionals part of the healthcare ecosystem.

In a bigger scope, strong foundation in Health Informatics provides healthcare professionals

  • Direction
  • Competency and
  • Expertise in this sub-specialty field


Health Informatics (HI) is one of the most promising specialties in this Digital Age. HI professionals assume unique and very important roles as managers in the clinical field. There are many different career tracks or options available to individuals that are qualified Health Informaticians. This depends on the individual’s level of education, certification, Bachelors, Master’s or Doctoral degrees.

The Career track for Health Informatics professionals are not limited to the following: Nursing/ Medical Informatics Program Manager, Health Informatics Program Designer, Informatics Researcher, Clinical Database Administrator, Evaluation specialists, Policy analysts, etc. The list is limitless with Health Informatics being a currently emerging and developing field.

Visionaries and adaptors of the advancing technology are the key to successful health systems management. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals should be at the forefront of the health IT progress.


In this thrust for higher competency of education in Health Informatics, De La Salle University- Manila (DLSU-M) in partnership with HealthInformatics, Inc. (Hii) offers a Certification in HEALTH INFORMATICS COURSE. This course has started last July 2013 and it has recognized health professionals from Metro Manila, Iloilo, Davao and as far as Taiwan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


Benefits of taking the Course:

  • It is 100% Online, convenient and can be accessed anywhere.
  • It improves both individual competency and organizational development to global standards.
  • It utilizes both experience from experts and knowledge gathered from the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to promote techniques, tools and strategies for effective health IT implementations. HIMSS, is an international organization, a leader in maintaining health IT industry standards.
  • It aids in global certifications as it is integrated with HIMSS Topics.
  • It is SCORM-compliant (Shareable Content Object Reference Model). SCORM is a set of technical standards for online learning to facilitate interoperability among Learning Management Systems (LMS).


Below is the Health Informatics Course Outline, containing 10 comprehensive modules.

1) Overview of Health Informatics

2) Standards and Interoperability in Health Informatics

3) Health Information Systems and Enterprise Systems

4) Health Informatics in the Cloud

5) Ethics, Privacy, and Security Principles and Practical Approach

6) Telemedicine

7) Data Visualization and Data Mining

8) Change Management in Project Implementation

9) Project Ownership and Management

10) Special Topics in Health Informatics


You may access the full downloadable .pdf course content and complete course details in this link:

Be part of the global advancement in healthcare.