Learning About Telehealth from VSee, NASA’s Official Telemedicine Platform

30 May 2016 – Microsoft Office 6750 Makati City. The spotlight is on VSee, NASA’s official video conferencing and telemedicine platform in this week’s #PowerTalksLive, as a benchmark model for telehealth solutions. When Milton Chen, CEO of VSee, shared his insights about Teladoc, Fitbit & Future Telehealth Business Models, he emphasized that more than advanced technology, telehealth platforms should ensure provision of the full user experience.

VSee, aside from being the official telemedicine platform aboard the International Space Station, is being used by hospitals and medical universities in the US and in other countries such as in Nigeria, Iraq, Rwanda and areas in the Himalayas. (See success stories here.)

During Milton Chen’s #PowerTalksLive session through Horsepower.ph, he said that much of their success is attributed to offering a complete suite of solutions—from telemedicine video platform to telemedicine kits and mobile apps that aids healthcare services to reach remote areas, with this being the primary goal of telehealth.

VSee solutions range from Telemedicine Kits and Carts, Video Chat and Device Streaming, Web-based Patient Queuing and Integration with other web-based healthcare solutions.

VSee telemedicine telehealth kit
Screen capture from VSee’s website on their complete telemedicine solutions.

As VSee promises telehealth solutions for all healthcare needs, Chen also emphasized that each solution went through careful and rigorous user case studies, market validation, research and user acceptance testing. As these solutions address the needs of various market segments, it goes to show that there is higher client satisfaction and retention, along with collaboration with other healthcare solutions to complete the healthcare ecosystem.

VSee telehealth telemedicine
A sneak into VSee’s Telemedicine Kit complete with mobile device + app, stethoscope, pulse oximeter, thermometer and more.

Visit VSee website to read more.

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