HP launches HP Elite X2 with MyLabs Online Patient Portal for Healthcare

March 2, 2016 – Makati City, Metro Manila. Leader of the latest hardware devices for productivity, HP (Hewlett Packard) launches its newest and most innovative Windows 10 tablet, HP Elite X2. Aside from innovation and sophistication, the HP Elite X2 Launch highlights its value in working with IT solutions for Financial Services, Education, Construction and most importantly, Healthcare.

HP Ellite X2 MyLabs Launch
During the HP Elite X2 Launch in Fairmont Hotel, Makati City with MyLabs founders Mavin Reyes, Renerio Cordova and Kit Sumabat with Hii Marketing Manager, Anthonette Malaluan

During the launch, the MyLabs, an online patient portal for patients, hospitals, clinics and stand-alone laboratories to view and manage laboratory results securely, is showcased.
Through MyLabs, patients can now access their laboratory results through a secure One-Time Password (OTP) authentication. Patients also receive SMS and email alerts once laboratory results are released. No need for them to return to the facility and wait in line! Patients can also share their results to authorized healthcare providers and employers for easier and quicker relay of information.

MyLabs is a perfect match for:

1. Clinical Laboratories
2. Hospitals
3. Diagnostic Clinics
4. HMO Clinics
5. Stand-Alone Laboratories

By using MyLabs, laboratories can ensure their patients’ convenience, making them happy customers. Furthermore, laboratories can receive regular reports of tests availed, patient updates and other vital information for reporting and research.

And with Microsoft Windows 10 and HP Elite X2, laboratory staff can record laboratory results with ease! The MyLabs online patient portal is accessible via any web browser and will soon be available as a Windows 10 app, optimized for HP Elite X2.
Patients will surely love you more with MyLabs!

To avail of MyLabs for your facility, click here.