DLSU and Hii Online Health Informatics Course debuts in MedX

With almost 500 registrants, 3 batches of students and 56 graduates, the Online Health Informatics Course with De La Salle University Manila – Consulting and Education Center and HealthInformatics, Inc. has revolutionized how healthcare-related courses are taught by professionals since 2013.

Students of the DLSU and Hii Health Informatics Course come from various provinces in the country such as Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, La Union, Negros Occidental, and it has even reached Filipinos from other parts of the world such as those in Singapore, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, US, United Kingdom and Canada. Since 2013, it taught doctors, nurses, medical technologists, hospital and clinic managers and other healthcare professionals, global concepts on Health Informatics.

We achieved all these through efficient use of technology and the web.

For 2016, the Online Health Informatics Course debuts in MedX, the 1st and only Philippine eLearning platform for healthcare.

As Batch 4 of the DLSU and Hii Health Informatics Course started this week, we catered to 367 registrations in the span of 12 weeks and accepted 24 healthcare professionals in the course.

DLSU Health Informatics
Demographics of Students in the Health Informatics Course

The course is dominated by nurses and doctors but we also catered to professionals from the academe, managers and IT personnel, mostly working in the healthcare environment.

DLSU Health Informatics Course
Distribution of DLSU HI Course Students around the World

These students mostly come from the Philippines—Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Nueva Ecija, Rizal, Davao, Butuan, while there are also Filipino workers from countries such as Egypt, British Isles Territory, Singapore, New Zealand, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

One of the students, Ms. Norina Sevilla expressed her excitement over social media as she starts the year as one of the DLSU and Hii Health Informatics Course students. She is currently the Head Nurse of a renowned healthcare institution in the Middle East and used to work for some of the biggest hospitals in the Philippines.

Norina Sevilla Health Informatics
Norina Sevilla expressed her excitement on Facebook

How do we manage all these students coming from various parts of the world?

Through MedX, constraints caused by distance and timezone differences are reduced as each student can take the course anytime, anywhere through their personal MedX accounts. To make sure that students progress in the course, MedX experts, Dr. Ryan Banez and Mr. Lee Marcelo facilitate updates and information exchange. Discussion boards and messaging features are also available so that students can send messages to each other or to the admin for technical assistance. Even quizzes and assignments are submitted through MedX and instructors can also leave comments and additional instructions through the eLearning platform.

All their needs in the course are found in MedX, which is also available in mobile devices and tablets.

Through MedX, both DLSU and Hii realizes the potential to open more course offerings this year in order to reach and teach more healthcare professionals, anytime, anywhere they are.

Stay tuned for more updates on the course!

Watch out for the next course offering this April 2016.